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Expertise and focus

A specialist like CPMview has the expertise, focus and people to help you to implement these advanced CPM and BI instruments in a results-oriented way. This gives CFOs and Controllers greater control over financial processes, financial reporting and IT. These are reporting solutions that you can use to quickly consolidate the figures across you organisation and to streamline your financial processes and make them more efficient. And they also help you to automatically comply with statutory obligations (such as external XBRL reports).

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Our CPM tools automate your financial processes.

Are you interested in replacing your Excel or existing CPM tools and automating the associated financial processes? Our solutions save you a huge amount of the work caused by labour-intensive financial processes and error-prone statistical audits. Particularly if you don’t want to be dependent on your IT department. You yourself can maintain, expand, improve and adjust our solutions according to your needs. Do you regularly struggle with inconsistent Excel files that consume more time than you would like? Do you work with multiple versions of up-to-date figures, whereas what you need is a single version of the facts? And do you want to expand and grow, while staying in control at all times? Then we can help you to professionalise your operations.

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We work with proven CPM solutions, which results in satisfied clients.

After our fast and successful implementations, our clients always respond enthusiastically to their new analysis and reporting features. So remember to regularly visit the client and project reference pages on our website so that you can keep informed about completed projects and new client case studies.Our clients regularly provide us with references for our interesting CPM and BI projects, so that you can benefit from their experiences and the lessons they have learned.


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How to achieve better results from your CPM and BI investments.

Working with CPMview gives you exactly what you need: fast, transparent and verifiable results. Think of the time you gain with automated reporting processes; more frequent reporting; reports by and for financial experts (independent of IT specialists). Our senior consultants with many years of expertise at the cutting edge of Finance, Processes and IT deliver total solutions that make optimal use of the software from SAP.