Breakfast Session Budgeting & Forecasting with SAP Analytics Cloud

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Budgeting & Forecasting Breakfast Session with SAP Analytics Cloud

Date: 20 June, 2019
Time: from 8 am- 10 am
Location: Restaurant Zuiver, Krommewetering 51, 3543 AM Utrecht

We would like to invite you to our breakfast session Budgeting & Forecasting with SAP Analytics Cloud. During a delicious breakfast you will be updated in a short time on the latest developments within the SAP EPM landscape: SAP Analytics Cloud & SAP Group Reporting. Then we will look at the various planning and forecasting functionalities that SAP Analytics Cloud has to offer on the basis of an interesting case study and a live demo.

Why Budgeting & Forecasting with SAP Analytics Cloud?

Planning & Forecasting cycles take a lot of time, are often difficult to connect with each other and the endless linking of Excel sheets usually results in a lot of frustration.


By integrating Planning & Forecasting processes in SAP Analytics Cloud, you can easily integrate these processes with business drivers, strategic initiatives and acquisitions. From these drivers you can steer the organization, integrate different forms of planning, execute predictive forecasts and get better insight. In short, benefit from more time for analysis, less manual work and higher quality of your analysis.

During the demo, we will discuss the following topics:

  • Forecast based on business drivers instead of adding up final results.
  • Calculation of different scenarios based on business drivers and initiatives.
  • Integration of a top-down forecast and bottom-up budgeting processes.
  • A system that supports the generation and analysis of forecasts based on machine learning and algorithms.
  • A flexible forecast, in which new developments can be added quickly without the endless adaptation of (Excel) models.

SAP Group Reporting

About SAP Group Reporting we give a short status update, the deep-dive for this topic will take place on September 12. Sign up in advance? Mail to

For whom is this session interesting?

This session is of interest to everyone involved in FP&A processes within his or her organisation. The session is also interesting if you are interested in the latest SAP products and the opportunities they offer to streamline and professionalise FP&A processes.

Costs: There are no costs involved in participating this session.


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