Nostrum Oil & Gas LP

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  • Large, international company involved in the oil and gas extraction market.
  • Focused on the discovery and development of oil and gas reserves and on the production and sale of crude oil, LPG, dry gas and stabilised condensate.
  • Operational production base in Kazakhstan with head office in the Netherlands.


Olie & Gas


€ 737 million (2012)



  • To optimise the external reporting process
  • To configure SAP Workforce Performance Builder (WPB) to provide optimal support for end-users
  • To configure SAP BPC in support of the overall planning and consolidation process


  • SAP Disclosure Management (DM)
  • SAP Workforce Performance Builder (WPB)
  • SAP Business Planning & Consolidation (BPC)

Benefits summary

  • Automation and standardisation of the reporting process (DM, BPC)
  • Support for various output options (Excel, PDF, XBRL and PowerPoint) (DM)
  • Flexible design with room for client-specific situations (DM)
  • Low costs; easy to manage and a high level of user adoption (DM)
  • Simple and fast creation of procedures, simulations and e-learning modules (WPB)
  • Safeguards knowledge within the organisation (WPB)
  • Optimisation of ease of use, confidence and satisfaction among employees (WPB)
  • Budget & planning, forecasting and cash flow planning functionality (BPC)
  •  Integrated audit trails and work flows, consolidation and reporting (BPC)
  • Option of integrating with SAP DM and other SAP applications (BPC)
  • Easy, effective and efficient in use (BPC)

Nostrum opts for CPMview

Nostrum Oil & Gas LP makes versatile use of CPMview’s services. The oil and gas company reverts to CPMview for the implementation of SAP Business Planning & Consolidation (BPC), as well as for the configuration of SAP Disclosure Management (DM) and SAP Workforce Builder (WFB).

Nostrum Oil & Gas LP is an international group of companies in the market of oil and gas extraction. With a focus on the fast and accurate supply of information, the company chose a SAP software package that fully meets its financial reporting needs. In view of its expertise and broad experience, CPMview was asked to create an effective and efficient environment that will last Nostrum for a long time. With the implementation of SAP BPC, CPMview has created an environment that in a fast, easy and automated way implements the financial reporting process. The configuration of SAP Workforce Performance Builder (WPB) and SAP Disclosure Management (DM) completes the whole. With the help of WPB, Nostrum is guaranteed that knowledge and expertise will be safeguarded within the organisation, while DM guarantees that the various reports can be presented in a well-organised way.