Financial Planning & Analytics

Bring planning and analysis together

Bring your planning and analytical processes together from both the finance-environment as the operational planning. Through integrating processes and enriching these with internal and external drivers, you will be able to calculate and analyze multiple scenario’s in real time. As a result, you can assess your strategic plan based on your financial and operational planning.

Gain insights in the impact of different planning-scenario’s. With the use of historical data, you can find underlying drivers and analyze these. By bringing your planning and analysis together, you will be capable to create valuable forecast-scenario’s.

Planning & Analytics offers rich analyses

When you automate your planning-, budgeting-, analysis- and forecasting-processes, you will be left with more time to make more thorough analyses. Additionally, you can benefit from more efficiency, considerably less manual tasks and the full functionality that you are familiar with from having in spreadsheets. Because of the access you have to all your data, your financial results are easily integrated with your operational planning.

Visualization & Dashboarding

Easy to construct dashboards.

Driver-based forecasting

Add internal and external drivers to your analyses.

Predictive forecasting

Predictive analyses based on historical data.


To integrate planning and analytics, we make use of SAP Analytics Cloud. With SAP Analytics Cloud, planning, predictive analytics, business intelligence and GRC can be combined into one cloud-solution.

With just a few clicks, SAP Analytics Cloud helps you to answer complex questions. Additionally, you will be able to combine data from different sources, create ad-hoc reports and compile attractive dashboards. The cloud-platform from SAP delivers you an overview of the big picture by connecting data from on-premise- and cloud-sources. With SAP Analytics Cloud, you can connect data from all the different departments within your organization.

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Advantages of Planning and Analytics

  • Predictive insights: Driver-based forecasting
  • Visualization: Easy to manage dashboards
  • Bottom-up/top-down: Be able to plan bottom-up or top-down according to integrated workflows
  • One source: Work with one central software-environment
  • Version-management: Manage multiple versions and simulations of your budget in an easy way
  • Integration: Integrate your financial budget with the most important business-plans (like sales- and recourse plans).


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