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From now on, all companies with securities in the European Union and the UK will have to publish their annual financial report in digital form in accordance with the new guidelines of the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA). ESMA has developed a ‘European Single Electronic Format’ (ESEF) for this purpose.

The main requirements for ESEF are:

  • Publish the annual financial report in XHTML format;
  • Apply inline XBRL (iXBRL) for all consolidated IFRS Financial Statements.

In order to fulfill these requirements, appropriate software is needed. Since iXBRL and XHML are strongly intertwined with each other, software vendors provide solutions that are capable for performing both tasks in one solution. Apart from the ESEF requirements, you might already face other challenges when creating external financial reports. For instance, you can think about:

  • Attaining data quality and consistency among disclosed documents;
  • Formatting and maintaining brand standards among disclosed documents;
  • Creating the disclosed documents on time;
  • High costs associated with the disclosure of reports;
  • Multiple international filling requirements that differ based on country regulations.

In this webinar we will demonstrate how ESEF as part of a Corporate Disclosure Management can really boost your process of analyzing, publication and disclosing of business information. We will introduce to you our services and describe how CPMview unifies, modernizes and automates Finance and Analytics using innovative technologies from ​record to decision-making. Next, Sturnis365 will show the powerful Corporate Disclosure Management capabilities of their solution in a 45-minute session.

The following strengths of this modern CDM tool will be demonstrated:

  • Support for XBRL tagging to become fully ESMA ESEF-compliant.
  • The Inversed Design approach puts the classical application setup and maintenance upside down. Resulting in a fast implementation.
  • Workflow and versioning features enable team members to easily work together without losing track of accountability.
  • Keep working familiar in MS Office when creating and formatting text, numbers and tables.
  • Reduce manual repetitive tasks by real-time features for document distribution, data collection and report consolidation.

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