SAP BPC scan

Get more out of SAP BPC, run the BPC Scan!

As a SAP BPC user you want the most out of the investment, but do you so? From our experience, we know it occurs regularly that the SAP BPC application does not meet the expectations, falls performance or business processes throughout the years have changed whereby SAP BPC no longer connected. With the BPC scan we will provide you quick and easy insight into where you can improve your SAP BPC application. You will instantly see why the performance fall short of expectations and how SAP BPC can keep up with the best practices in the market. Get more out of SAP BPC and do the BPC Scan free of charge.

Benefits of the BPC Scan

  • Time savings through more efficient input.
  • Reporting is much faster by better performance of your SAP BPC application.
  • More control throughout bigger accuracy and increased reliability of your figures.
  • Fewer errors through a better integration with your transactional systems.
  • More analysis capabilities of your figures for better understanding
  • Prepared for the future.

The BPC Scan

The BPC Scan is designed to review in a structured way quickly and easily your SAP BPC application. Hereby we will to both technical and functional aspects. You will gain insight into how you can design processes more efficient and where weaknesses and risks can be found. You will receive recommendations for optimization bases on best practices and our long-term experience with SAP BPC.

Fast and easy insight

The BPC Scan is a short but intense process in which your SAP BPC application on the most important areas is assessed. Within a few days, you will have insights into the extent to which the design of your application suits your needs and business processes. It shows the potential for optimization and offers the possibility to compare your SAP BPC applications with the ’best practices’ in the market.

What does the BPC Scan deliver?

The BPC Scan reviews both technical and functional aspects of your SAP BPC environment, and delivers a complete overview.


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