Corporate Disclosure Management

Build trust with internal and external stakeholders

Corporations highly benefit from simplifying the process of releasing and disclosing statutory financial reports and producing management reports with a single unified environment.

Disclosure Management 

The disclosure of regulatory and statutory reporting are complex and articulated processes within the finance function, involving a long list of activities, validations, and compliance checks. Furthermore, management reporting is a time-consuming process requiring the accomplishment of repetitive activities on a regular basis. 

Our solution for Disclosure Management delivers a smooth, reliable and fully automated process.

Streamline reporting

One unified solution for creating your Monthly Management Reports, Annual Reports and Sustainability reports (and more..) 

Tell the full story

Extend your current group reporting solution to create narrative performance reports to explain the full story behind the numbers.  

Meet new regulations

Easily meet new ESMA ESEF Inline XBRL reporting requirements

Manual repetitive tasks become negligible and data collection is achieved in a fraction of the time required today.

Benefits of a modern CDM solution

  • Collaborate: multiple contributors can work on the same report. 
  • Deliver on time: with workflow management features you can easily track progress. 
  • Flawless reports: all reports are directly linked to your source systems.   
  • Be incontrol: have a fully traceable track of changes (audit trail). 
  • Publish to any format: simultaneously push to PDFs, InDesign, Powerpoints and XHTML with a single click. 
  • One look-and-feel: apply templates directly to all the output formats to comply to your brand standards. 


SAP Disclosure Management

It is part of the Enterprise Performance Suite (EPM) of SAP, which also includes SAP BPC.



This SAAS solution extends the familiar Microsoft Office platform to support consolidation, collaborative data entry and disclosure processes ensuring high adoption and efficiency. 


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