Planning & Budgeting

Accurate planning at Asito with SAP BPC provides insight at customer level

Asito, one of the major cleaning companies in the Netherlands with more than 10,000 employees, has implemented BPC for an accurate planning that provides insight at customer level.

Financial Planning

Every year you go through the time-consuming process of planning and budgeting. Many people are involved and it sometimes takes more than a quarter of a year to combine all data. Then it remains to be seen whether the financial results match the actual sales ambitions and available resources within your organisation.

Our Financial Planning solution provides you with a smooth, reliable and integrated process.

Profit & Loss planning

Integrate your business plan, including your revenue and cost on a P x Q base at any level of your organisation.

Balance Sheet planning

Plan your balance sheet by using the existing actual figures and mutations from the P&L, Liquidities and CAPEX planning.

Cash flow planning

Generate your Cashflow planning based on the P&L, Balance Sheet planning and Treasury insight.


“We have an extensive track record with successful implementations, both nationally and internationally.”

Key benefits of financial planning with SAP BPC and SAP Analytics Cloud

  • Bottom-up/top-down: plan bottom-up and top-down following an integrated workflow.
  • One source: use data from one central environment.
  • Flexible: support the specific planning requirements for each of your business units.
  • Complete: supports budgeting on the level of cost centers, entity and consolidated units.
  • Version tracking: easily control and manage multiple versions and simulations of the budget.
  • Integrate: integrate the financial budget with business plans (e.g. sales and resource plans).


To realise your CPM solutions, CPMview uses SAP software, SAP is a renowned supplier of Corporate Performance Management and Business Intelligence software.

SAP Business Planning & Consolidation

CPMview uses SAP Business Planning & Consolidation for its solutions. We are SAP’s ‘recognized expertise partner’ for the implementation of SAP BPC. You therefore benefit from years of experience!


SAP BPC Optimized for S/4HANA

SAP BPC Optimized for S/4HANA works directly with S/4HANA; the ERP system from SAP and includes underlying in-memory HANA platform.


SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud combines planning, predictive analytics, business intelligence and governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) into one cloud solution.

SAP Analytics Cloud

Our added value: efficient and reliable planning

With CPMview’s “Budgeting & Forecasting Solution” you save time and increase the integrity and auditability of your figures. The solution ends known problems with the use of Excel. Data is automatically loaded from source systems, collected and possibly consolidated. Moreover, it is always visible who has changed something, what has changed, when this happened and even why. In addition, the quality of the planning processes is increasing due to uniformity and monitoring. This makes it is possible to increase the frequency of planning and forecasting processes.

Paula Kok, Principal Consultant CPMview

Paula has years of experience with SAP BPC and extensive expertise in the field of planning. Are you looking for more information, do you have specific questions about planning issues within your organization? Contact us!