Cash Flow Forecasting & Liquidity Planning

Efficient use of capital, low financing costs and limited exposure

The existence of most healthy companies is driven by continuous profit flows and sustainable cash management. Profits are needed for companies to grow. In order to establish growth, companies invest, requiring cash. Besides, cash is required to fulfill debts. Nowadays, treasurers and CFO’s ask for integrated, flexible and robust tools supporting short- and long-term decision-making. 

We implement automated and integrated cash flow and liquidity planning, using modern CPM-technologies. Our solutions help our clients to obtain the right information for creating timely awareness in actual, short-term and forward-looking liquidity.

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A modern solution for Cash flow forecasting & Liquidity Planning

Economic fluctuations sometimes ask for immediate action. Main objectives include:

  • the ability to timely cover payments;
  • the avoidance of ineffective deployed cash; and 
  • reducing or eliminating short-term borrowing costs. 

Cash flow forecasts project future cash flows, varying from hour to year basis, identifying cash excesses or possible cash shortfalls that require fund-raising. In our solution, different scenarios and drivers can be captured in liquidity plans that result into scenario-based cash in- and outflows. The use of predictive capabilities enhance liquidity plans by visualizing different granularity levels in a flexible and automated way. 

Cash flow forecasting and Liquidity Planning with CPMview

Spreadsheet driven plan data combined with automated data sources like bank statements come together in our proven solution, enabling full alignment between income statements, balance sheet statements and cash flow statements, with the possibility for predicting future cash and liquidity, based on easy-to-adopt scenarios and drivers. 

Your actual statements serve as a base for integrated cash management. The combination of future investment plans, capital injections and other forecasts (i.e sales and purchases) generate an integrated balance sheet and cash flow forecast. Based on sensitivity ratios and drivers (as days sales/purchases outstanding and payment terms) your liquidity plan will be automatically generated and will continuously be updated with your latest actual figures. Cash can be shifted between bank accounts more efficient to manage deficits and overflows, optimizing working capital.

Our solution supports you to make the right and timely decisions, strategic and operational!

Key benefits of our solution:

  • Accurate & Immediate insights in current and future cash;
  • Fully automated cash flow statements & liquidity plans; 
  • Integrated plans, always updated with your latest actuals;
  • Integrated plans, from Sales and Investments to Cash;
  • Multi-level granularity features;
  • Automated processes, calculations and visualizations;
  • Real-time data access and a single source of truth;
  • Export functionalities to Excel.

Webinar Cash flow forecasting and Liquidity Planning

In our webinar we will elaborate on integrated cash flow forecasting and liquidity planning. We will introduce ourselves and show you our solution in a 45 minute session.

We will demonstrate how a modern CPM solution can help organizations in realizing more frequent and accurate insight in cash and liquidity on the short and long term.

The principle of “modern cash flow and liquidity planning” is applied here to ensure fast and reliable integration of liquidity or cash related data from source systems to any planning horizon.

From actual reporting on your cash and cash equivalents to a cash flow forecast. Next, automated liquidity plans will be conducted to report future cash and liquidity more frequently and with more accuracy than we call it cash planning (at banks) and liquidity planning.

What to expect

  • Description of our business case for the demo
  • Investments Plans
  • Profit & Loss Planning
  • Balance Sheet Planning
  • Cash Flow Planning
  • Driver-based Liquidity Planning
  • Q&A


This webinar is free of cost. You only have to register in advance to participate.


Webinar Liquidity Planning

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30th June

  • 9:30 – 10:15 a.m.
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