Webinar Country-by-Country reporting

All-in-One Cloud App for Country-by Country reporting

Fast and direct insight into tax consequences and results is an important requirement in these times. CPMview provides a convenient all-in-one cloud application for Country-by-Country reporting that allows Country-by-Country reporting to be quickly prepared, reported and published. The app consists of various building blocks, from data collection to assessment on the reported figures.

These items and other strengths of the CbC app will be demonstrated in the webinar:

  • Alignment with OECD guidelines
  • Collection of data in the app, using various sources
  • High-level adjustment possibilities
  • Analysis conform OECD guidelines
  • Assessment on (intercompany) relations and royalty streams
  • Visualizations including drill-through functionality from tax jurisdictions to legal entities

With the CbC app in SAC, time is saved preparing Country-by-Country reporting and unpleasant surprises are avoided. The clear dashboards show at a glance how tax authorities interpret the data and additional dashboards are available to make the application add value for the organization.

This webinar is complimentary and knowledge for SAP Analytics Cloud is not essential. You can now register to participate the webinar on 28th May, 9:30 – 10:15 a.m.

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