Webinar Cash flow forecasting & Liquidity Planning

Free webinar Cash flow forecasting and Liquidity Planning in SAP Analytics Cloud

In our webinar we will elaborate on integrated cash flow forecasting and liquidity planning. We will introduce ourselves and show you our solution in a 45 minute session. We will demonstrate how a modern CPM solution can help organizations in realizing more frequent and accurate insight in cash and liquidity on the short and long term. The principle of “modern cash flow and liquidity planning” is applied here to ensure fast and reliable integration of liquidity or cash related data from source systems to any planning horizon. From actual reporting on your cash and cash equivalents to a cash flow forecast. Next, automated liquidity plans will be conducted to report future cash and liquidity more frequently and with more accuracy than we call it cash planning (at banks) and liquidity planning.

This webinar is free of cost. You only have to register in advance to participate.

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