Webinar Planning and Forecasting in SAP Analytics Cloud

Digital Finance: The new normal in Planning & Forecasting.

Free webinar Planning and Forecasting in SAP Analytics Cloud

In this webinar we will demonstrate our financial planning and forecasting processes designed in SAP Analytics Cloud. We will introduce to you our services and describe how CPMview unifies, modernizes and automates Finance and Analytics using innovative technologies from ​record to decision-making.  Next, we will show the powerful planning and forecasting capabilities of SAP Analytics Cloud in a 45-minute session.

The following strengths of this modern CPM tool will be demonstrated:

  • Workflow capabilities for streamlining business processes;
  • Version management for flexible private data versions, easily integrated in one final source of truth;
  • Predictive forecasting using data mining, statistics, machine-learning and artificial intelligence;
  • Flexible data input using multi-granularity levels;
  • Advanced formulas for automated calculations;
  • Data locking preserving data integrity;
  • Data simulations;
  • Augmented analytics including driver indications;
  • Various data visualizations.

We will zoom-in on the various data input features and reporting possibilities, like data-spreading and predictive forecasting capabilities. With these intuitive functionalities, a personalized version of the forecast can be easily generated automatically, based on realized results. Apply different forecasting scenarios and simulate multiple commercial cases, using business drivers. After finalizing your forecast, your final version can be submitted and analyzed.

This webinar is complimentary and knowledge for SAP Analytics Cloud is not essential. You can now register to participate the webinar.

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